Relaxation & Spa

The Phytomer Spa des Elmes, Banyuls-sur-Mer

Wellness bubble

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our Phytomer Spa is tucked away. A true responsible escape, the wellness space combines craftsmanship and sustainable manufacturing. Noble and natural materials take center stage, where raw wood, black stone, abundant vegetation, and light games create a perfect harmony. More than just a place, our relaxation haven is experienced as an idyllic journey. In this temple dedicated to relaxation, you move between sauna, hammam, sensory shower, private balneotherapy... And dive into a state of tranquility bordering on the meditative. The time has come to join your masseuse and let her magical hands work.

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Private balneotherapy

The quintessence of intimacy
In this rare place, there is a feeling of absolute fullness. Between raw wood and lush green plant walls, our infinity jacuzzi is experienced for two. Leave your stress and tensions at the door and enjoy the virtues of water.

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100% detoxifying
Our sauna invites you to experience this historical ritual from Northern Europe during which you will deeply purify your body. Completely covered in burnt wood, a warm and woody olfactory ambiance prevails here.

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55°, raise the temperature
Settle into the warm vapors of our hammam and eliminate toxins and stress. In this relaxation haven, the Hainaut black stone mosaic preserves your silent intimacy. You are out of time.

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Sensory shower

High technology at the service of your well-being

Step into our sensory shower and embark on a journey of the senses. Thanks to aromatherapy, light therapy, hydrotherapy, music therapy technologies... Smell, hearing, touch, and sight are stimulated. A wave of relaxation and deep relaxation envelops you until you reach a state of complete letting go.

Heated hydrotherapy swimming pool

Take a dip all year round
Nestled in this little wooded paradise, the heated outdoor swimming pool is open year-round. Each season promises a unique experience! Immersed in water at 32°C, with massage jets, counter-current swimming, and bubbling bath at your disposal... Let yourself be surprised by this extraordinary hydrotherapy moment.

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Jardin des Elmes

Mediterranean stroll
In the shade of centuries-old olive and orange trees, you will be intoxicated by the delicious essences of the endemic plants that abound in our Mediterranean garden. During your stroll towards the heated pool and private beach, open your eyes wide to discover the treasures it holds.

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Fitness area

Reconnect with your body
Fitness enthusiasts will start their day with a workout session. Located in the basement of the hotel, the compact and secluded space prioritizes your tranquility. It is equipped with cardio and strength training equipment to boost your physical performance and tone your body.

Our services & amenities

Elliptical bike
Rowing machine
Exercise mat
Wall bars


Marine virtues and ecological commitments
Inspired by the natural luxury and high-end expertise of Phytomer, your well-being interlude is designed to offer your skin the most precious elements of the sea, formulated from highly concentrated marine actives. Shared values of environmental respect, responsible manufacturing, and eco-design have defined the essence of our partnership. You'll find a selection of these rejuvenating treatments at the institute's boutique.

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List of treatments

Body and facial treatments

Well-being menu of our Phytomer Spa
After a day at the beach, how about escaping for another hour? Facial treatments, slimming and detox rituals, signature wellness massages... Relax your chakras. Pause. With pressures, smoothings, drainages, kneadings, strokings, stretches... Charlaine, your masseuse with magic fingers, performs a customized protocol according to your needs and desires. Tensions are released, energies flow, stress is relieved, your complexion regains its radiance, and your mind, lighter than ever, floats in a suspended moment.

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Hôtel Les Elmes & Spa

If I were to summarize this massage, I would say in one word... Divine. Charlène is lovely and the music evokes a journey, the scents, the massage... everything was perfect. A timeless moment.

Renaud Carayon

Charlène and Banyuls are the definition of paradise. Excellent moment!



Thank you for this good time! A true professional who loves her job, it's a pleasure.



Perfect. A real moment of relaxation, well-being with a very pleasant welcome. Friendly exchanges during the treatment are a real plus. I will do it again.



Thank you for this precious moment.



An unforgettable moment of sharing, bravo.



Beyond the perfect massage, a passionate individual who radiates positive energy. Thank you for this delightful moment. Very professional and pleasant.


A big thank you for this revitalizing and timeless moment.



Great moment, skilled hands. Thank you for this escape.